Whether it’s brand new construction or the remodeling of an existing residence, any additions or demolitions are going to leave quite a mess when all is said and done. That’s where we come in! Ananeosis Group Cleaning Services provides specialty cleaning packages for post-construction that is guaranteed to leave your new buildings or additions looking brand new, as they should. What separates us from other Chicago Cleaning Companies is that each clean up quote is customized for your specific construction project.


If you’re a developer that’s just had a new home, apartment building, or housing development constructed, you’ll need everything looking brand new for showings to potential buyers and tenants. Our cleaners can work with your team throughout their building process to “clean as you go” or, do a full cleanup at the completion of your construction project.


Renovating or remodeling a home is an exciting, and messy job. Knocking out walls, measuring, cutting, and installing new lighting, doors, cabinets, counters,  flooring and more – can all result in a monumental mess. With a post-construction clean-up from Ananeosis, your newly refinished kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, or living space will be cleaned from top to bottom, and wall to wall to make sure it’s 100% to be enjoyed by you, your family, or tenants.


  • Vacuuming and removal of construction dust including:
    • flooring
    • cabinets
    • furniture
    • walls
    • doors
  • Polishing of stainless steel
  • Full sensitization of kitchens and bathrooms
  • High dust removal from vents and light fixtures
  • Window sill cleaning





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Seden Odabaş
Seden Odabaş
17:39 09 Jun 19
Stelios and his team were amazing. I needed a painting job for my apartment and I found him in the last minute. They did a great job! They were very professional, on time and respectful! I liked everything about the painting. I will definitely use them again! Very recommended!
Rory Shout
Rory Shout
13:34 09 Apr 19
A very professional and courteous crew came to complete the job over two days. They stayed in contact and communicated when they would be arriving on both occasions as well as when to schedule the days to paint. They were friendly and tidy during the painting process and cleaned up wonderfully upon completion. I am very happy with the job and highly recommend them.
Isidro Chung
Isidro Chung
11:20 06 Apr 19
I hired Ananeosis llc for a quick turn around at my office. They were able to re-paint all areas and perform all the repairs as needed in no time. Crew was very professional and neat. I will definitely have them to come back to do the outside when the time comes. Thank you guys.
Otis Kearney
Otis Kearney
16:43 05 Apr 19
Stelios & Alex were all very professional and knowledgeable. They communicated effectively and we had a quote in just of couple of hours! They kept their commitments and if there was ever a change they let me know at least a day in advance. Alex was neat and did more than required to make sure I was delighted with the final product. Good Price, GREAT JOB. THANKS!
Pamela Powell
Pamela Powell
06:42 04 Apr 19
Wow! I have already booked my next room to be painted by Ananeosis Painters. My house is very old and the walls have a lot of damage to them. After already having other companies attempt to make my walls look half decent, I decided to contact ananeosis. The painter who came was outstanding! He didn't just paint over all the damage he took the time to repair the wall and prime before painting. I was amazed with result and the decent pricing. I won't call any other painting company again. I guess third time is the charm! Thank you
Cory Packard
Cory Packard
18:22 31 Jan 19
Ananeosis Painting did a phenomenal job painting my condo. We had just purchase a new home and had exactly 10 days to have this done. They were efficient, super clean (i used their cleaning services too) and communication was superb. Please Hire these guys you will not be disappointed.
Walter Burnes
Walter Burnes
06:48 28 Jan 19
Fantastic company. They have painted my entire interior snd the remodel we had. They always do a great job. Great communication and ownership. The painters are very clean and conscientious
Ronda Silverman
Ronda Silverman
03:19 29 Dec 18
I would recommend Stellios and his team . They came and cleaned my loft till it sparkled. Try them you will not be disappointed.
Alicia Simmons
Alicia Simmons
03:31 27 Dec 18
Stelios and Eric were amazing. We moved into a home that had a recent floor refinish job done and there was dust everywhere. I thought I could take care of it myself and realized the job was too big for me. Stelios responded and came out same day to do a post-construction clean which was a lifesaver. My home is dust free, smells amazing, and we were able to spend time unpacking and settling in thanks to the job they did. They were professional, trustworthy, kind, enthusiastic, and paid attention to every detail. I can’t wait to have them back.
Susmita Datta
Susmita Datta
16:49 20 Sep 18
Stelios helped me with a variety of renovation work in my apartment. He and his team were very professional, responsive, kept me posted and got things done in a timely fashion. They helped me make decisions and also did not mind if I changed my mind later. I will reach out to him in future and recommend him to others.
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